The leader in custom-made products

Symbios is a Swiss medical technology company, and the leader in individualized orthopaedic implants for hip and knee joint replacement.

It was founded in 1989 by Jean Plé and two associates, including an orthopedic surgeon. Their vision was to design and manufacture individualized implants that adapt perfectly to each patient’s individual anatomy.

As there are as many different body shapes as there are patients,

an individualized implant is above all a unique implant for a unique patient,

designed to better restore mobility and satisfaction.


Since its creation and based today on 30 years of experience, Symbios has pioneered and constantly improved the technology of individualized implant manufacturing, thus becoming the company with the greatest expertise in this field worldwide.

In addition to providing products that are better adapted to patients, customization of implants enables a major breakthrough in today’s orthopedic supply model, allowing for a significant reduction in stocks and instruments for healthcare facilities. The cost of healthcare linked to changing demographics is a growing concern, and we believe that this is the ultimate way to maximize the efficiency of healthcare facilities and enable them to reduce operational costs in the future, while improving the quality of care.