Surgeon/patient understanding
Review of the literature
Standard prostheses
Custom prostheses


Standard cemented prostheses

These prostheses are composed of the following elements:

- A stem inserted into the thighbone
- A femoral head fixed mechanically onto the stem
- An acetabular cup fitted into the pelvis

Standard prostheses are fixed using special medical cement. This system allows immediate fixation.

Standard cementless prostheses

These prostheses are covered with hydroxyapatite (pure bone crystal), which fixes the prosthesis to the bone through a biological process.

The stimulated bone cells colonise the micropores on the surface of the metal and thus allow the long-term fixing of the prosthesis to the bone.

As the morphology of some patients’ hips does not allow the insertion of a standard stem, Symbios has developed a Custom (bespoke) prostheses solution.